We sell Bluff oysters (Tio paruparu) when they are in season and also Pacific Oysters (Tio repe).

Bluff oysters are rightly considered a gastronomic peak experience when eaten raw, and aficionados will tell you that is the only way to eat them, perhaps washed down with a beer or Champagne.


Bluff Oysters

Scientific name: Tiostrea chilensis 
Length: 6–8cm, reaching 10cm

Pacific Oysters

Scientific name: Crassostrea gigas 
Length: 10–12cm, reaching 18cm

Pacific Oysters are found largely around the north of the North Island and are the main
aquaculture-farmed oyster species.

Inside, the shell is luminous, and the creamy coloured meat is delicate and succulent, with medium oil content.  If you want to build up to raw oysters a squeeze of lemon balances the taste nicely and they can also be smoked, fried, steamed added to soup or baked in a half shell.