Ahia Smoked Fish

For centuries, the people of Ngati Porou have loved to eat fresh smoked fish, now we can share this passion with our Ahia products.

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Our Ahia brand draws its name from “Ahi a te ariki”, a Ngati Porou term that translates as “fire of the gods” and speaks to fire’s higher purpose and creative power.

We let the flavour of manuka smoke and a little sea salt speak for itself on the finest freshly-caught fish.
Each species is filleted according to tradition so as to bring out the best flavour and texture when smoked. 


Each fillet is given just the right time on brine and smoke to create beautifully-balanced taste and mouth feel, on its own or as part of a recipe.

Before Ahia, smoked white fish was often made from fish too old to sell fresh, but that’s not the way we treat fish – we smoke it fresh, because that is what tastes best. Because we smoke fish fresh for our esteemed guests and family, we smoke our fish fresh for yours too. As part of our commitment to fresh fish we have invested in advanced packaging technology so Ahia fresh-smoked fish reaches you in peak condition.