Strategic Partnerships

Our aim is to protect, manage and grow our fisheries assets for the benefit of our people.
Where our interests align with like-minded tribes and businesses we will work together to achieve more. 

Iwi Collective Partnership

As part of the Iwi Collective Partnership, which formed in 2010 Ngati Porou has become
a driver for change in New Zealand’s fishing industry.

Port Nicholson

Port Nicholson Fisheries has operated since the late 60’s, when it was owned and operated by a Greek immigrant named George Stravinos.  He formed a partnership
with Taranaki / SI iwi in the 80’s and the business was NZ 5th largest exporter.

Our shareholding in Port Nicholson Fisheries helps maximise returns on our crayfish quota and allows us better access to more markets.

Aotearoa Fisheries Limited

Aotearoa Fisheries Limited (AFL) is the largest Maori-owned fisheries company
in New Zealand and aims to maximise the value of Maori fisheries assets,
including those of Ngati Porou. 

Our strategic partnerships help us to be more efficient and focused with our investments, and more effective and influential as guardians of the ocean.

They give Ngati Porou a more active position in the international marketplace and a more secure base for progress.

They also allow us to develop new generations of leaders who are well-versed in every aspect of the supply chain
– from the ocean to the table.

They allow us maximum leverage for our R&D investments, and through partnerships we have formed enduring friendships
with other tribes as we head into an exciting future together where we take our identity and values as Maori
out into the world.