Domestic Market Channels

At the moment we get most of our production and income is generated through our partnerships. We also look for opportunities to move up the value chain, and develop products where it can be commercially justified.

We weigh our decisions with Ngati Porou resources carefully. Just because there is a gap in the market, it doesn’t mean there is a market in the gap. When we do leap – after carefully looking – we aim for to take big leaps that fit with our identity as Ngati Porou.

An example of this is our Retail business ‘Real Fresh’. This includes a Retail Shop based in Gisborne on the wharf focusing on premium fresh fish and other seafood products. We also operate a mobile fresh fish truck within the region to ensure our people have access to the freshest seafood.

It will be some time before Ngati Porou Seafoods gets the majority of its income from higher margin retail products. 
Right now it is far more efficient to develop brands through our partnerships with other iwi.

We have all learned lessons from the 1800’s, when Maori often duplicated our efforts to compete against one another, rather than work together to achieve more. Currently Ngati Porou don’t have the products, quota mix or vessels landing in Gisborne product to justify a higher proportion of branded retail products, but as Ngati Porou our instinct is to lead and do our own thing. 

We are also continually looking for areas where we can do things differently – like our premium smoked whitefish range under our Ahia brand. Ahia has grown steadily and will soon scale-up across Foodstuffs and other distribution outlets nationally. Watch this space! 

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Real Fresh

Real Fresh is how we meet the people of our region face to face – konohi ki te konohi – and show them how seriously we take real fresh seafood.
Most of what we sell comes from local waters and is landed at the port across the road. It comes into our processing facilities behind the store where our team carefully process it for our chilled cabinets.

Our fish is the freshest in town, and we take customer service just as seriously. Our staff can tell you which fish to use for any dish you might want to cook, and we can also give you recipes to make the best use of our fresh fish, and astonish friends and family time after time.