Our Business

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We have an export-certified processing factory that holds live lobster and also produces fresh and frozen products which are sold nationally and also exported to Europe, Asia, Australia and America.

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Strategic Partnerships

Our aim is to protect, manage and grow our fisheries assets for the benefit of our people.

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Domestic Market Channels

At the moment we get most of our production and income is generated through our partnerships.

Export Market Channels

Our exports are primarily through our strategic partnerships in Maori-owned seafood companies Aotearoa Fisheries and Port Nicholson Fisheries, which we are shareholders in.

Compliance / Sustainability

Like many modern industries fishing has a history of trading long-term environmental health for short-term financial profit.

Research & Development

Ngati Porou Seafoods invests heavily in Research & Development as you would expect from a business with a vision extending generations ahead. Seafood research is a key driver of our innovation,...