We returned to the business of fishing in 1993 as a part of the Ngati Porou Runanga’s economic development unit, leasing our ACE (Annual Catch Entitlement) from Te Ohu Kai Moana.  Fisheries settlement with the Crown was on-going at that stage so Maori followed this process to make a start.  In 2002 Ngati Porou Fisheries Limited was established to manage the ACE.  

In 2006 following the Settlement Ngati Porou deepwater assets were allocated based on population at a value of $10 million and AFL shares $16.8 million.  Assets held by TOKM and based on coastline are still to being negotiated amongst iwi. 

We have worked hard to develop and add to these assets for the benefit of our people, for the health of the environment and the economy of our region.

Today Ngati Porou Seafoods assets have grown in value to $35 million and we currently employ 35 people.

As well as our investments in machinery and property to leverage these quota assets we work hard to build our knowledge assets, and invest heavily in research and development so we can have our fish and eat them too. 

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Our Ngati Porou brand

– our growing influence, commitment to sustainable fishing, our integrity, whakapapa and connections around the world are a tremendously valuable asset. Even if they are not on our balance sheet, these things are a critical driver of our growth.

We are excited to be back in the business of fishing and we plan to make up for lost time. Ngati Porou Seafoods Group includes a processing factory, our Real Fresh retail outlet and Off The Hook gourmet seafood takeaways. We have two mobile retail trucks to share our seafood to the far reaches of our region. We work hard every day to develop a profitable and sustainable and innovative seafood business to drive growth, development and opportunity for the people of Ngati Porou, and for Te Tairawhiti as a region.



Ngati Porou Seafoods Ltd

Ngati Porou Seafoods Ltd owns Ngati Porou quota assets,
currently valued at $35million.

Ngati Porou Seafoods manages the tribe’s 5,500 tonnes of fish quota as well as our shares in New Zealand's largest fishing company, Aotearoa Fisheries Limited (AFL).  



Ngati Porou Fisheries Ltd

Ngati Porou Fisheries is the operational arm of our business. We catch, process, nationally wholesale, export and retail seafood from Gisborne’s wharf, where we occupy all buildings between 47 and 55 The Esplanade.

Our Real Fresh seafood shop is just across the road from where fish is unloaded from the fishing boats, and because not everyone can make it into town every time they get hungry for the freshest local seafood, we have a mobile fish truck that travels to the top of the East Cape and as far south as Mahia bringing the freshest fish closer to your doorstep.

We are currently one of only two iwi in New Zealand who participate in every stage of production from the ocean to the plate.

We are the only iwi company in the seafood industry to employ a full-time R&D specialist.

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Ahia is Ngati Porou Fisheries’ brand for premium smoked white fish. In keeping with Ngati Porou traditions of leadership, we not only started a new brand, but established a whole new category of premium smoked white fish on supermarket shelves.

For hundreds of years we Ngati Porou have carefully smoked fish using techniques handed down through many generations. Our smoked fish was a valuable product to trade with other tribes.

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Ahia arose from the surprised dismay our people felt when they could not buy smoked white fish that was anywhere near as delicious as the tasty morsels we enjoy at home on the East Coast.

We invested carefully in research and packaging machinery so we could share this taste of Ngati Porou with the rest of New Zealand. 

We are carefully making our way into supermarkets in the main centres, and the word is starting to spread as people discover how great premium fresh smoked fish can taste.

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Real Fresh

Real Fresh is how we meet the people of our region face to face – konohi ki te konohi – and show them how seriously we take real fresh seafood.
Most of what we sell comes from local waters and is landed at the port across the road. It comes into our processing facilities behind the store where our team carefully process it for our chilled cabinets.

Our fish is the freshest in town, and we take customer service just as seriously. Our staff can tell you which fish to use for any dish you might want to cook, and we can also give you recipes to make the best use of our fresh fish, and astonish friends and family time after time.